U.S. Navy

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U.S. Navy Increases Leadership Excellence and Reduces Training Costs with PDI Ninth House

U.S. Navy First Class Petty Officers are critical to their operations. Training these officers across the globe in leadership excellence cost-effectively, at minimal disruption to duty, is a challenge.


In revolutionizing the way they train Chief Petty Officers (CPOs), the Navy faced a big challenge: how to maximize the cost-efficiency of their training while delivering effective programs that sailors could take on their own time, at their own pace, while they’re deployed across the globe.


Navy chose PDI Ninth House’s Situational Learning® II course—a best-in-class online curriculum authored by Ken Blanchard that teaches managers the right leadership skills they need to help them develop subordinates’ competence, commitment, and productivity.


Since its implementation, the Navy has achieved 150,000 course completions of the PDI Ninth House online program. Results show that CPOs who completed the PDI Ninth House program increased their knowledge and retention of leadership course material from 63 percent to 91 percent—a massive 44 percent improvement.

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