PDI Ninth House is now a
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In January, PDI Ninth House officially became part of Korn/Ferry International, the leading global provider of executive recruitment and talent management solutions.

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President and CEO, RJ Heckman.

Profiles in Courage:
Business Unit Leaders

In our last issue, we ran the first in our three-part series of leadership transition research, Mid-Level Leaders Are Key to Strategy Execution. In part two, we’re turning our focus to challenging the transition from mid-level leader to business unit leader in Profiles in Courage: Business Unit Leaders.

PDI Ninth House researched thousands of leaders across the globe to uncover critical factors for making a successful transition into the role of a business unit leader. We found that their primary challenge is learning how to manage the often-competing needs of disparate groups, rather than a single team, while managing key metrics.

ISSUE 12: February 2013

Survey: How Does Your
High-Potential Program Measure Up?

More than ever, companies are focusing on high-potential leaders as a core element of organizational success. Take our survey on how your high-potential program measures up and where you see strengths and weaknesses.

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Watch Joy Hazucha, Senior Vice President, Leadership Research and Analytics, introduce our new leadership transition research.

Visit our Youtube channel to view more leadership transition videos on motivators, foundations, experiences, and competencies.

Solutions in Action

LG Electronics Uses Assessments to Support Global Growth Initiatives
LG Electronics needed to build a top global leadership team. “To meet our aggressive growth initiatives, we needed to expand beyond common Korean practices,” said the Senior Vice President, Talent Management, LG Electronics. “We wanted a partner that would help us measure and evaluate our leaders against global norms. We had to be the best in the world, not just adequate.”

LG collaborated with PDI Ninth House to measure and evaluate leaders against global norms, and enhance development of its procurement division and senior executives. Simulations gave leaders realistic experiences and provided the steps they needed to build their global leadership impact.

As a result, LG gained clear insight into leaders’ gaps and skills, and assessment data is included in the organization’s annual review and in decisions regarding promotion and selection.
Read the full story.

News Highlights

PDI Ninth House President and CEO RJ Heckman talks about what it takes to create a culture of success and drive a high-performance organization in Running a Business Isn't Far Off From Running an NFL Team.

In Even the Leadership Playing Field, Bobbie Little focuses on the widely-asked question, “Why aren’t more women making it to the top?” .

Joy Hazucha and Kraig King outline eight key elements organizations can use to improve succession management and ensure the right leaders are in the right places in Eight Ways Learning Impacts Succession Planning.

In Personality and Progression, Hazucha provides a blueprint for the top traits that successful leaders should emphasize and de-emphasize as they progress in their careers. (Page 40)

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PDI Ninth House , a Korn/Ferry company, is the world’s premier global leadership solutions company. For more than four decades, we have provided integrated assessment, development, and coaching solutions around critical leadership and business challenges that most directly impact each leader’s success and the success of their organization.