Internet Ethics: Managing Social Media in the Workplace

Craig Laviano
Talent Management
November 2011

Using social media while on the job is so common, most employees never think twice about it. But HR executives do. They worry that employees’ time spent on social media and the Internet for personal use cuts down on productivity. But does it?

What if you could harness your employees’ social media usage to help connect with your consumers and drive employee engagement? In today’s world where work and personal life blur, rethinking how social media effects your organization and your employees is key to creating a successful social media policy.

In the November issue of Talent Management magazine PDI Ninth House Executive Consultant Craig Laviano authored an article titled, Internet Ethics: Managing Social Media in the Workplace. He encourages employers to have open dialogue with their employees about their use of the Internet and social media, and provides six guidelines to follow to make the most of today’s digital world.

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