Board and C-Suite Leaders

As a top executive or Board director, you know it’s critical to have the right people in place. Great things happen when highly talented executives align on key priorities and work smoothly together. When they don’t, the business risks loss: earnings, competitive position, investors, and key talent. And all too often, the resulting failures make headlines.

Despite wide recognition that having the right talent in place makes a big difference, many companies lack insight on how to make that happen. PDI Ninth House is ready to help, putting more than 40 years of experience and research, seasoned consultants, and rigorous methodology to work for you.

Boards and CEOs of leading companies across the world turn to PDI Ninth House to increase their odds of getting great talent in key executive jobs and to help their Boards and senior teams operate more effectively. We deliver proven results, helping organizations reduce the risk in filling C-suite jobs, and preparing executives and teams for success.

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Board and C-Suite Assessment
Board and C-Suite Development
CEO and Senior Executive Coaching
CEO Succession


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