Built on an unparalleled foundation of research and expertise, GreatLeaderGPS™ ushers in a new generation of assessment-driven development for your organization’s critical mid-level leaders.


In Part I, RJ Heckman, Ph.D., president and CEO of PDI Ninth House, introduces GreatLeaderGPS. In Part II, Stu Crandell, Ph.D., senior vice president at PDI Ninth House, highlights key features of GreatLeaderGPS™.

Already delivered in 64 countries, GreatLeaderGPS blends PDI Ninth House’s proven simulation-based assessments with innovative live and online elements, giving leaders and organizations the actionable insight they need to execute on their strategies and win in the marketplace.

GreatLeaderGPS combines self-paced online tools with live webcam-based simulations and coaching conducted by our expert consultants. Organizations quickly gain accurate, actionable insight and development for mid-level leaders, at a lower total cost than ever before.

Key stakeholders gain a clear view into each leader’s potential, readiness, and fit for mid-level roles.

  • Leaders: rich, actionable insight and a development plan to motivate action and change behavior
  • Bosses: critical insights for coaching, engaging and inspiring leaders, and faster onboarding
  • Organizations: leadership analytics to drive decisions about the mid-level pool and succession pool for senior roles

Download our new research Mid-Level Leaders Are Key to Strategy Execution to learn which factors that make a transition into a mid-level leader role far easier—or far more difficult. 

Read the press release to learn how Esterline and Arrow Electronics are implementing GreatLeaderGPS in their organizations.

Want more details? Read our quick overview of GreatLeaderGPS and call us at 1.800.633.4410, or contact your local PDI Ninth House office.