Board and C-Suite Assessment

Boards and CEOs of leading companies across the world turn to PDI Ninth House get great talent in key executive jobs and help their Boards and senior teams operate more effectively.

Board Evaluation

Given the increased level of accountability and scrutiny of Boards, operating effectively as a Board is essential.

PDI Ninth House can help your Board:

  • Evaluate how well the full Board and its committees are working, and identify issues limiting their effectiveness.
  • Understand the contributions of individual members and how those members can add more value.
  • Build and implement a plan to add even more value and to become a higher performing team.

CEO Evaluation

An annual evaluation of the CEO’s performance is only part of the Board’s role in ensuring high performance from the CEO. While the Board can offer advice and counsel, some issues require more in-depth support.

PDI Ninth House can help your Board:

  • Develop clear criteria for evaluating the CEO on both the “what” and “how” of performance.
  • Ensure that the CEO transitions into the role effectively.
  • Provide the CEO with candid feedback on his/her effectiveness.
  • Increase the CEO’s effectiveness as a leader and improve his/her ability to deal with specific challenges.

CEO Succession Assessment

Today’s Boards face more accountability and scrutiny than ever, making them increasingly mindful of the need to plan for and effectively manage CEO succession. Not only do they face the challenge of selecting the right CEO, getting it wrong could be disastrous.

PDI Ninth House can help you:

  • Develop a succession plan appropriate for the succession timeline.
  • Build a CEO success profile focused on the challenges the next CEO will face.
  • Determine the potential and readiness of internal candidates.
  • Examine the tradeoffs among candidates and identify the most appropriate successor.

Senior Executive Assessment

Individual leaders’ success depends largely on having a strong team around them. So it’s essential to make great decisions about whom to hire or promote into key jobs, as well as on how to build their capabilities quickly as situations change.

PDI Ninth House can help you:

  • Build a success profile for top executive jobs, based on the future challenges facing the job.
  • Determine the potential and readiness of internal candidates for top executive jobs.
  • Determine the readiness of existing senior talent to handle new strategies and major changes.
  • Create robust development plans for internal candidates.

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