High-Potential and Pivotal Leaders Development

High-potential and Pivotal leaders help define the capabilities of your organization. Pivotal leaders play a critical role in your current business strategy; high-potential leaders provide assurance that the right talent will be ready to address ongoing and future business challenges and opportunities. 

PDI Ninth House leads the industry in identifying and developing high-potential and pivotal leaders. Our deep understanding of leadership, from competencies to performance, drives our practical and targeted development programs. We skillfully integrate assessment insights and advanced development practices to help your organization identify, engage, develop, and retain these key leaders.

Leader as Coach Advanced Challenges

Designed to enhance experienced leaders' coaching skills, this powerful, blended learning program enables them to develop high-potential and pivotal leaders to solve complex business challenges.

  • Leverage coaching to engage, develop, and retain high-potential employees
  • Embed a coaching culture in the organization
  • Conduct difficult coaching conversations to address slipping performance
  • Coach across generations, at a distance, and through leadership transitions

Learn more about Leader as Coach Advanced Challenges.

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Active Leader

In this transformational leadership development program, leaders engage in a large-scale business simulation where they are challenged to employ strategic and systems thinking, value creation principles, change leadership, and influence skills.

  • Build strong internal relationships among peer leaders.
  • Bridge strategic change and leader behavior.
  • Create flexible leadership skills and drive strategic change.

Learn how Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota implemented Active Leader with their top leaders.

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Action Learning

Designed as a process to address challenging problems, Action Learning helps high-potential and pivotal leaders develop leadership skills, foster learning communities, and contribute to the creation of a successful, competitive organization.

  • Equip leaders with critical skills through real-world practice.
  • Address current challenges within the organization.
  • Retain and motivate talent through engaging, visible assignments.
  • Build a culture of leadership collaboration through cross-functional teamwork.

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Learning and Development Consulting

Our expert learning and development consultants will help your organization identify, address, and develop appropriate high-potential development initiatives across your organization.

  • Identify where development will yield the most leverage.
  • Create a customized development strategy for your high potential leaders.
  • Analyze and recommend ways to improve existing development strategies.

Targeted Development Programs

PDI Ninth House programs target specific skills to strengthen high-potential and pivotal leaders’ effectiveness in current roles, and prepare them for success in future roles.

  • Build essential leadership skills.
  • Target skills most critical to success with greatest impact.
  • Address unique leadership challenges for women executives, senior executives, etc.

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